import { subscribe } from 'xoid'

Subscribes to a xoid observable. Takes a listener function as the second argument. Returns an unsubscribe function.

import { create, subscribe } from 'xoid';
const store = create(0);
setInterval(() => store(s => s + 1), 1000);
const unsubscribe = subscribe(store, (value) => {
console.log('elapsed seconds: ', value);
setTimeout(unsubscribe, 10000);

The return value of the listener function can be used for cleaning up side effects.

const unsubscribe = subscribe(store, (value) => {
return () => cleanupSideEffects()

Calling the returned unsubscribe function will also conduct the latest cleanup, if there's one.

It will throw an error when it's applied to non-observable values:

subscribe({}); // throws
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